Friday, September 9, 2011

A little ol' introduction!

I honestly don't think I can tell y'all (whoever you are--I hope we get to know each other soon!) how excited I am to start blogging.

I feel like I have such a story to tell and I haven't been keeping the company of anyone over the age of four lately, so I've had to keep it all to my lonesome self. But now it's the dawn of a new era! Ok, maybe it's not that serious, but here's this lovely thing called BLOGGER, just waiting in the wings for me to find it and all of these other amazing women and all of their A-mazing stories. It is because of Blogger that I believe in Fate. I mean...maybe.

Anyhoot, here's a little introduction to me:

I work for a non-profit as an HIV/AIDS educator/counselor and I think it's the most heartbreaking and rewarding job in the world. I see people at their best, worst, weakest and strongest points and I am absolutely certain I know what beauty is (to me, at least).

I am a single (as in, no longer married) momma and I have THE most scrumptious little girl named Emma. Sometimes I sing her name to the tune of "Umbrella" by Rhianna. Sometimes she laughs at me, other times not. She's very sophisticated, this girl.

I hate the title "single mom" because it carries this connotation that the father has either died or failed at life. In my case, Emma's father is spectacular and incredibly involved in her day-to-day life. He's a wonderful man--truly--and we have worked our hind parts off to make sure that we both respect each other as parents and individuals so that Emma understands (one day) that love and respect are the cornerstones of a truly solid relationship.

Yes, I'm divorced. No, I'm not sad about it anymore. My ex and I were very, very young when Emma was conceived and we grew up into different people with different priorities and desires. The beginning of the end for us was when we both realized that the only priority we shared was Emma. We talked about it, cried, shook our heads, hugged like the old friends that we were, and decided that we weren't disappointed in ourselves or one another. We were just sad. We let ourselves feel sad for a time, and I'm glad that we were in that place together. Then we decided to split up our lives, but honor our commitment to Emma and her happiness and we live two miles from one another to keep our promises. We're friends and parents and I'm proud of our decisions.

Emma's father has just recently started to date. I have yet to make that move yet and I'm absolutely PETRIFIED. How am I going to explain this situation to someone??? Better yet, how the hell am I going to find someone? Online?
In a related note, please please PLEASE leave me a comment or message me and let me know if you've used a site and if it's worked. I think I want to try!

I have recently discovered how much I like learning new things about myself. I need to correct myself there: I'm enjoying remembering how awesome I can be when I stop getting in my own way all the time! I don't think enough women or mothers say that--I. am. AWESOME. I think this blog will be dedicated to celebrating who I've forgotten and becoming who I've always wanted to be.

So here's the deal: I want you all (again, WHOEVER you are) to ask me questions and let's start a conversation about our lives, our kids, our loves and moving forward.


  1. I'm in the same position you are, but my kids are older. I've been divorced about a year now, and we're still super great friends. Your job sounds incredibly rewarding! I can't wait to follow along with you on your journey. :)

  2. Hi Karen! Welcome to the Blogosphere. :)

    Thanks for stopping by over at my place, and for the "follow." I always get so excited when I see that number go up. I know, I'm a geek!

    I have LOTS I can share with you about divorce, being a single mother, etc. but I don't want to overwhelm you just yet. ;-) But, I'll be back, I promise.

  3. Hey, Karen, I left you a little love over at my place. Come check it out. :)

  4. Well, I have not had a date since I would have to say, go to the roller skating rink and meet some nice boys there.
    What? no more skating rinks? heck, I got nothing then!

    Thanks for your sweet comment.
    I lost my big brother to AIDS in 1990, he was only 25. I understand seeing people at their worst/strongest/weakest etc...
    I admire you for being there for those in need!

  5. Karen, I came over from ChiTown's blog. Welcome to the blogisphere! I hope you will enjoy blogging, and will find it a great forum for self-expression, sharing and friendship. Blessings to you and your "modern family."

  6. I appreciated your honest post! I'm awesome too, though I also get in my own way too much!

    I love how you're handling your divorce. I don't know if I would be that mature! And I adore Blueviolet, but didn't even realize she was I'm learning new things today.

    I just started blogging in January--it's addictive, but I think you're going to love it!

  7. Welcome to the blogosphere ;^)

  8. welcome to the wonderful world of blogging and i hope it's a great forum for you. good luck :D

  9. Hi Karen! I'm looking forward to reading your story. You already gave us a great preview!

    My divorce was very similar to yours in many ways. My ex and I have been friends the whole time since (it was 16 years ago).

    I think online dating is an excellent way to meet people, although I've not done it myself. I mean, what else are you going to do, go bars?

    Welcome to bloggy land!

  10. Jason never welcomed me like that

  11. Joe, you should have seen how Jason welcomed me!

    Hi Karen, Mark here. Chitown Girl told me to get my ass over here. She's so bossy sometimes. Well, I'm here now and I see that some of my favorite people who I never met are also here. Can't wait to see how you grow. Blogwise!

  12. Thank you all SO much for stopping by, reading, commenting on my post AND following me!! You are all so sweet and, after reading all of your blogs, I'm completely in awe of the amazing lives you lead. I'm so excited to read more : )